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Sherpa Software LP

Sherpa Software is a privately held company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a worldwide distribution channel. Sherpa designs and develops groupware utility software targeted to provide Archiving, Email Management, Policy Enforcement and Content Discovery functionality that is not inherent within IBM Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange. Since our inception, Sherpa has effectively answered the needs of many Fortune 100 companies.

Archive Attender for Exchange


Mailbox, PST File and Public Folder Archiving

Archive Attender is an administrator-driven solution designed to selectively move or copy messages from Exchange mailboxes, the journal mailbox, PST files and public folders to any storage device visible to the application via the network. Archive Attender assists companies with storage and compliance requirements while offering a flexible archiving architecture that does not require a SQL database or proprietary hardware. 


  • Simple installation and setup - Archive Attender can be installed and running within 30 minutes assuming that email policy and storage decisions have already been made.
  • Cost Effective - Archive Attender supports most of the functionality found in much more expensive archive solutions.
  • No client software requirement - Message stubs or access search capability can be used without additional software on the workstation.
  • Email archiving in native format - Because messages are archived in their native format, they maintain the associated metadata and are easily transportable. Data can be imported into other applications, such as e-discovery or ECM applications.
  • No database back end - The standard file system is used as the data store, simplifying the product architecture and maintenance.

Archiving Features

  • Archive data from Exchange mailboxes, public folders and PST files
  • Archive from the Exchange Journal mailbox to meet compliance regulations
  • Eliminate PST files by automating their discovery, identifying their owners and importing their data into their owners' archives
  • In addition to messages, archive contacts, calendar entries, notes, tasks and journal entries
  • Customize archiving policies to specific mailboxes, entire Exchange Servers or specific AD groups
  • Archive messages based on quotas, sender, subject, date, age, location and size
  • In conjunction with Mail Attender, archive based on keywords, attachment type, content, etc.
  • Replace original messages with plain text or HTML-based stubs

Compliance Features

  • Archive for specific users/departments
  • Archive specific content based on keywords
  • Archive all incoming and outgoing messages from the Journal mailbox in native format
  • Search archived data for compliance reviews
  • Generate manager search views that can be used, through a web interface, to search the archives of a group of users
  • Index archived messages and attachments for quick search results
  • Maintain audit trails of all activity within the archive
  • Enforce retentions on archived data so information is automatically purged after its useful life

Administrative Features

  • Product management can be driven with an administrative console and through Powershell scripts
  • Control users' access to the archives
  • Allow users to archive their own messages and search, restore and delete archived messages
  • Multi-threaded processing architecture for optimum performance
  • Define process-scheduling windows based on flexible start and end times
  • Enforce retention/deletion policies on archived data
  • Move archived data to secondary and third-tier storage for hierarchical storage management
  • Maintain an audit trail of archive activity
  • Optionally index all archived content for efficient search of the data
  • Search archive for compliance, legal, HR, etc. requirements
  • Copy search results from the archive into a mailbox, a public folder or a PST file
  • Use the advanced reporting capability to test the results of an archiving policy prior to enforcing the policy

User Features

  • If given rights by the administrator, archive, restore, delete and search messages
  • Use stubs left in the mailbox to access archived messages
  • Access archived PST data through stubs left in the mailbox
  • Search archived messages based on sender, received date, archived date, keywords and attachments within the Outlook interface
  • Access archived messages remotely through Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • View archived messages in native format using Outlook or in HTML format on hand-held devices and non-Windows computers
  • Sort messages to provide a more efficient interface

Archive Attender offers a flexible architecture and an easy, 30 - minute installation. It does not require a SQL database, proprietary hardware or any components installed on the Exchange server or client machines.

  • Application console to setup the archiving policies, view reports and search archives
  • Does not require installation of any component on the Exchange server
  • Compatible with Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010
  • Compatible with Outlook 2003 and higher

System Requirements

  • Windows 2003 or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server 6.0 or higher
  • Approximately 150MB for the Archive Attender console application
  • .Net framework version 3.5 (installed, if not present)
  • ​SQL Server 2008 Express Edition (or higher)

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