MailMarshal Email Content Security

MailMarshal Email Content Security and Anti-Spam



Internet and email-borne threats are on the rise. Industry and government regulations are becoming more complex. A mobile workforce accesses and sends data in new and different ways.  Internet and email-borne threats present serious challenges for organizations of all sizes. Industry and government regulations are becoming more complex. A mobile workforce access and sends data in many ways. In today’s business environment a multi-layered approach to Internet security is required.


The MailMarshal line of products provides a multi-layered solution to control all your email threats.  MailMarshal helps protect your network infrastructure, company information and employees from viruses, spyware and other malware as well as spam, pornography, offensive content and data leakage.  




Reduces operational costs and improves network bandwidth by ensuring network continuity and blocking spam, viruses, malicious code and potentially dangerous attachment types.

  • Deploys with ease – can be installed and securing your network against threats and data leakage in less than an hour
  • Minimizes risk of data loss and information leaks by controlling intentional or accidental access to confidential or commercially sensitive information and intellectual property via email.
  • Assists in ensuring regulatory compliance and proving good corporate governance by tracking sensitive email.
  • Improves employee productivity by managing non-business related network activities, reducing distractions from spam, phishing and inappropriate messages, and eliminating downtime caused by viruses and other malware.

MailMarshal unifies anti-spam, anti-virus, data leakage prevention and security policy enforcement technologies into a single, easy-to-manage solution.  The MailMarshal product is available in 4 different configurations to support your unique needs:







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